Thinkium Monthly Report:Report for the first half of June

2 min readJun 15, 2022

Thinkium Fundamental Strcuture

  • Design a new consensus mechanism that includes consensus nodes, audit nodes and delegation:

Modify the pos reward mechanism, instead of the block reward will be issued according to the online time of the node, the node will not be able to get the reward offline, making the reward more fair

Increase the node punishment mechanism. Once the node is evil, it will be punished and the node principal will be deducted.

Modify the existing pledge mechanism, and change the pledge of consensus nodes to delegation pledge and principal pledge of the node. The principal pledge yields higher income, but it needs to run the node and bear the loss of the principal when the node is abnormal

Thinkium will motivate long-term consensus participants and reduce short-term speculative income. The pledge time will not be unified to one year. You can choose the time yourself. The pledge distribution ratio will be related to the pledge time. The longer the pledge time, the higher the proportion of participation in the distribution.

In order to prevent evil, audit nodes are introduced to monitor the entire network, and a related pledge income model is designed for audit nodes. The audit nodes are initially held by data nodes, and will be added later through voting by the governance committee.

In order to be more decentralized and secure, some functions of data nodes will be transferred to audit nodes and consensus nodes, and the pledge of data nodes will be adjusted.

  • The underlying chain is developing a fault-tolerant mechanism for the consensus protocol stack: chain audit mechanism The development of the chain failure automatic recovery mechanism has been completed, the research and development testing has been completed, and the internal testing stage has been completed; the node restart mechanism has been developed and is under internal testing.

Thinkium Product

  • The TUKE wallet is updated to V3.2.9, the bug of the discovery page is fixed, and the user experience is improved.
  • The new version of the official website homepage will be launched soon.

Thinkium Community

  • At present, there are 357 consensus nodes, and 6 new consensus nodes are added.




Thinkium is a chain-network protocol with a hierarchical multi-chain structure.