Thinkium Monthly Report: Report for the first half of May

2 min readMay 16, 2022

Thinkium Fundamental Strcuture

  • The base chain is developing a fault-tolerant mechanism for the consensus protocol, which improves Thinkium’s bottom chain’s security and stability and lowers the developing requirement of the Thinkium ecosystem’s application projects.
  • The node disconnection restart mechanism is developed and under internal testing now. Bad node restart is under developing.
  • The chain audit mechanism has broken through, and the problem of abnormal sub-chains caused by node disconnection has been able to be detected and audited, and is being tested; node malicious malicious detection is under development

Thinkium Products

  • The wallet optimizes the display style and response speed of the exploration page;
  • We are happy to announce that Thinkium’s community governance and proposal functions have been launched. If you have interesting proposals or need support, you can put them forward at and participate in building the future of Thinkium together

Thinkium Community

  • To enhance the value of TKM and promote the rapid development of the Thinkium ecosystem, the foundation is currently formulating a new TKM economic model and ecological incentive mechanism.
  • Since the launch of the ambassador program in December 2021 and the community plan in 2022, it has received institutional support from more than 650 ambassadors and 20+ communities to promote Thinkium globalization. The new policy is dedicated to enhancing the value of TKM and increasing the benefits of ecological contributors. We hope the new policy launch will bring better development to our global ambassadors and communities in the future.

We look forward to bringing Thinkium to the universe altogether.

  • At present, there are 347 consensus nodes, and 8 new consensus nodes are added.

Thinkium Ecology


  • Developer:Txode,
  • wallet:Tuke,MetaMask,Tmmsk
  • EVM compatible
  • ThinkiumDAO:commonwealth forum,snapshot

Web3 and application

  • Metaverse:Chaosverse is in beta and will be launched soon
  • NFT:ZerocodeNFT has been launched
  • Game:Aolink has been launched
  • D-comm:Tink has been launched
  • DAO:DcommDAO,ZeroDAO


  • DEX:CoinBaba,Tzswap
  • Cross-chain bridge:T-Bridge
  • Staple coin:ZDU(ZeroDAO USD)




Thinkium is a chain-network protocol with a hierarchical multi-chain structure.