THINKIUM’s September Monthly Report

2 min readSep 30, 2021

Thinkium is a comprehensive public blockchain network, which achieves unlimited scalability at a linear cost by running through a multi-layer multi-chain structure and integrating Layer1 + Layer2 technologies (layered and parallel sub-chain, homogeneous and heterogeneous cross-chain, sharding, EVM and asset bridge, etc.)

Here are September updates:

Thinkium Infrastructure

Thinkium is originally compatible with Ethereum EVM contract layer and upgrade the bottom. Complete Ethereum development layer SDK, tools, IDE, etc. To attract Ethereum developers, all DApps based on its ecology have been developed and operated, and with no cost for transplanting to the Thinkium public chain. It has entered the performance testing phase and is expected to go online on October 25th , 2021.

Show as following:
1、Thinkium public chain application development layer compatible with Ethereum;

2、The Pos staking time and peak attenuation,shown as below:
(1) to bind the features with nodes

(2) to optimize the data node rewards system

(3) to update the bottom layer 220era controls

(4) pledge does not require a node private key signature

(5) All attenuation functions

3、Thinkium public link developer WIKI documentation has been optimized for launching;

WIKI documentation is Thinkium for developers to provide a full specification of chain development, developers can be accessed through easily to understand its introduction, mission, architecture, ecology, mining mechanism and governance mechanism. Meanwhile, it can quickly participate in the development process on-chain DApp based on the development documents.

The document contains the following as:
(1) Thinkium introducation

(2) Four Layer Technology

(3) Ecology

(4) Mining system

(5) Governance system

(6) DApp development

Thinkium product

Thinkium’s official decentralized multi-chain wallet DApp

1、The new product of TUKE PoS and Design of UI is complete, as showed below:

(1)Upgrade PoS.

A、 “Immediate mining” can choose the consensus note based on the web consensus node.

B、Adding more web data node, web consensus node, and overall flow .

(2) Pledging single address to more consensus nodes and check on all earnings of the managed pledge consensus nodes.

(3) The verifier (the miner) can pledge on their own managed node .

(4) To optimize the node building process and to prevent Amazon VPC duplication, and to add a new accounting and gain an IP connector.

2、TUKE multi-chain wallet function has entered the design stage. After completing the upgrade, TUKE will be compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin and currencies. Users can use TUKE to manage multi-chain assets.







Thinkium’s monthly reports will provide the latest information for the community’s participant continuously.




Thinkium is a chain-network protocol with a hierarchical multi-chain structure.